They find three Iberian graves in Villajoyosa

They find three Iberian graves in Villajoyosa

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The municipality of Villajoyosa (Alicante) has just discovered a series of graves built by the Iberians. It is estimated that they date from between the fourth and sixth centuries BC.

The graves, which were used to harbor cremated remainsIn two cases, they constituted pits with a rectangular shape; the third was a burial mound, and in all three cases they were oriented from east to west. Apparently, the sunrise and sunset represented birth and death for the Iberians, hence they built their tombs in this way. The Iberians always cremated their loved ones before the actual burial, and the graves were always located at the entrance to the population centers.

The surveys have been carried out by the Municipal Archeology Service, on the occasion of the construction of a new road. Excavation work is now expected to continue, and more pits will likely be found in the area.

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