The lost tapestry of Henry VIII in Madrid

The lost tapestry of Henry VIII in Madrid

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The wallpaper "Saint Paul burning the pagan books»Which represents the scene to which it gives its title is one of the disappeared tapestries from the collection of Henry VIII. The monarch considered this in particular as his "fourth best piece" and now it has reappeared in Spain. The Madrid gallery Coll & Cortés will exhibit it until June 8 after having bought it from an anonymous seller.

The tapestry is in a perfect state of preservation and, according to its owners, represents an event of enormous importance in the history of England and Europe.

The piece will not be able to leave Spain, where it is worth 1.1 million euros; while abroad it could reach 5 million euros.

It is woven with wool, silk, silver and gold and it was created in Brussels in 1535 by Peter Coecke van Aelst commissioned by Henry VIII, who had a collection of more than 2,700 tapestries. It stands out as a tapestry not only for the amount of gold and silver used in its elaboration, but also for its design.

Saint Paul burning pagan booksIt was in the English Royal Wardrobe, Hampton Court and Windsor Castle, where it remained with other Henry VIII tapestries. Now it is expected that there will be an arduous confrontation between the Administration and its owners, due to the sale price that the tapestry could reach, but that the State does not allow to sell.

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