They investigate a possible relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex in Alaska

They investigate a possible relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex in Alaska

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Recovered in the Prince Creek formation north of Alaska, the fossilized skeletal remains of a dinosaur suggest that they belonged to a new species of the family of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

The partial extracts of the palate, the maxillae and the mandible have been compared with those of other species of tyrannosaurids and the result seems to indicate that this new species, the Nanuqsaurus hoglundiIt is closely related to the ferocious T. rex.

However, the new cousin of the rex does not share the impressive dimensions of its relative: it is a smaller species, barely over half a meter long (little compared to the 1.5 to 2 meters of the rex), and also a carnivore. Its presence has been tracked in the mid-latitudes of Asia and North America, so it lived in a very extreme continental environment in some seasons.

The researchers believe that it could be an adaptation of the tyrannosaurid family to the freezing climates of the north, hence the reduction in size compared to species at lower latitudes. If true, the Nanuqsaurus hoglundiwould help study the suitability of these animals to arctic climates.

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