Head of a Roman-Celtic god found in a landfill

Head of a Roman-Celtic god found in a landfill

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In an old garbage dump a head carved in stone that could belong to the representation of a Roman god. The piece dates back 1,800 years and was found in Binchester Fort, County Durham, UK.

A Durham University archeology student, Alex Kirton, found the figure buried in the trash of what was probably a bathhouse. With dimensions of 20 × 10 centimeters, carved on sandstone, it seems to correspond to the deity of Antenociticus, a Celtic god who was worshiped for the achievement of military objectives. Its characterization is based on the fact that in 1862 an object with similar characteristics was found in Benwell whose inscription identified it as the god Antenociticus.

The recently found figure may have been part of a chapel in the bathhouse which later fell into disuse around the 4th century BC. Although in previous places classical gods such as Jupiter or those related to health such as Aesculapius or Salus have been found, in this case, it seems that it is a combination of a Romano-Celtic god, frequent in the border regions, but which is eventually a fusion of a classical divinity with its local equivalent.

This find has been made through a project in which the Department of Archeology at Durham University, the site owner of the Durham County Council, Stanford University Center for Archeology and the Durham Society of Architecture and Archeology collaborate. and Northumberland.

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