Nicotine found in Chilean mummies

Nicotine found in Chilean mummies

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By analyzing the mummies hair belonging to the city of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, it has been observed that they maintained a nicotine-related habit since at least 100 BC.

The nicotine consumption It was produced regardless of the social status that the individual had, so it was consumed by both rich and poor. The wealth of the mummies could be ascertained thanks to the multitude of funerary objects that were found in their tombs and, in this way, through the quantity and type of these it has been possible to determine the social status of each one.

At hair study of 56 mummies It was observed that 35 of them had traces of nicotine. There is a widespread belief that they also took hallucinogens, something that has apparently been shown by this same research not to be true. It is thought that shamans used hallucinogens to cure illnesses, ailments or to connect with gods and spirits from beyond.

However, in the research carried out no traces of hallucinogens have been found in the hair of the mummies, which could mean that the assumption is not true or that its use was not as widespread as previously thought.

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