Discoveries about the history of Tuscaloosa

Discoveries about the history of Tuscaloosa

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Bottles and pieces of porcelain are being shown to archaeologists at the University of Alabama what life may have been like in Tuscaloosa over 180 years ago.

The objects found in Fest City have been studied during the last two months by the University, which was contracted by the city of Tuscaloosa as required by the regulations, to later prepare the ground for the construction of a new hotel.

During the excavations, the foundations of remains of buildings from before 1820 have been exposed. It is thought that the first occupation began in 1816 when John Click, veteran of the Revolutionary War, carried out the construction of a log cabin in the area. Over the years its property has belonged to different companies including the Augustin Lynch Manufacture which was of great importance in providing the furniture that was used for the Capitol building.

Later, the State Bank was built on the property in 1829, so in the area remains of the building and even Spanish coins, among other sources, have been found in graves and accompanied by British weapons. The property also houses an ice factory, barracks, other dwellings, a hotel and a building initially used as a warehouse to later serve as accommodation for prisoners of war.

Between the found objects there are bottles, buttons, china pieces, printed letters, and even pipes. The wells and latrines found in the area are of great importance since, thanks to them, archaeologists can know from how they fed to how individuals related to each other.

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