Tombs of the Wari empire discovered in Peru

Tombs of the Wari empire discovered in Peru

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A great royal tomb in Peru full of corpses of mummified women. The find offers clues to the wari empire, a population that dominated the Andes long before the best-known Inca tribes existed.

It's about the first tomb belonging to the Wari empire found so far. The discovery will make it easier to reconstruct the way of life that these people had and will allow us to know how they lived in the Andes centuries ago.

The great tomb was discovered in a pyramid called El Castillo de Huarmey located 185 miles north of Lima.

In addition to human remains, it contains pieces of gold and pottery. In total it is about 63 skeletons dating back 1,300 years and in which most of them were sitting in an upright position. Their posture indicates that they were royalty and that the Wari women they exercised great power over the population.

A detail that stands out in the content of the mausoleum is the six skeleton status that they were not wrapped in cloth like the others and that therefore could have been a type of sacrifice before the royal elite.

Archaeologists have commented that at the moment they will not give more details for fear that the grave robbers carry out a looting at the site.

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