Alarming state of the ancient city of Hatra

Alarming state of the ancient city of Hatra

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Known for its large inscription-filled walls and massive watchtowers spread out so that anyone approaching within 2 kilometers of distance could be seen, located 290 kilometers northwest of Baghdad and 110 kilometers southwest of Mosul, Hatra city shows its sad ruins in the middle of the desert of northern Iraq.

After resisting attacks including the Second Parthian War, the ancient city was inscribed in 1985 in the UNESCO World Heritage List, thus being the first in current Iraq to receive this privilege.
Around the temples and walls of Hatra, several police officers stood with their arms crossed, so tourists stopped visiting the place due to the great insecurity.

Despite being a site where the ancient iranian and roman culture, there are not enough members of security to protect him due to fears instilled by terrorist groups such as al-Qaida and many other extremist groups, which consider that antiquities are prohibited under Islamic Sharia law.

For more than 5,000 years the country has been awarded numerous historical treasures but the riots of recent years are causing a real cultural catastrophe on them. At least 32,000 items from 12,000 sites have been looted since 2003, a figure that would rise when considering objects from archaeological sites not yet recognized. But it is not only looting that is responsible for its destruction, since military operations and conflicts also cause serious damage to cultural heritage.

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