Cantabria shows its archaeological wealth

Cantabria shows its archaeological wealth

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From Thursday, June 27, the best archaeological pieces of its heritage will be exhibited at the Museum of Prehistory and Archeology of Cantabria so that all kinds of public can enjoy a tour from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages.

The autonomous community It has ten rock art caves in its territory, among which is the famous Altamira, whose importance is highlighted as all of them are declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The pieces found in the museum come from an older one, fromPrehistory Museum, which was closed in 2009 and of findings that have been produced recently, thus gathering some 3,000 objects in a total of 2,000 square meters. Among them all stand out Cantabrian stelae, antler-carved jewels belonging to the Paleolithic age and a propellant recently found in the Mirón cave.

In the tour designed by the museum director, Pedro Fernández Vega, you will visit the river terraces where the ancestors belonging to the Paleolithic found their raw materials, they will enter the caves and even see the recreation of a Neolithic excavation. We cannot forget the dolmens, Roman houses or the pieces of prehistoric art that undoubtedly play a fundamental role when completing the historical tour and that is why they are presented here.

With this exhibition It is intended to make the historical heritage more easily known to its visitors while they learn and have fun with methods that range from the most traditional to the most novel and virtual.

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