Great finds near the tomb of a medieval knight

Great finds near the tomb of a medieval knight

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After a skeleton belonging to a medieval knight was unearthed, archaeologists were shocked to see the remains of an entire family in a crypt, as reported to the media Scotsman.

Between the family remains there are three adults, four children and a skull. The discovery came after having found, a month ago, the grave of a medieval knight christened Sir Eck. The site of the find is within the grounds of the recent center of innovation for coal (CEIC).

Engravings of the Cross of Calvary In a tomb made with sandstone and a sword found next to the archaeological remains, they suggest that it was an individual of high status in society.

A skull has been found just below the remains of the knight, which apparently belonged to a woman, while on the other side of the slab were the remains of a baby.

The excavation centers are located where three old buildings once stood: Old High School, founded in the 1700s, the 16th-century Royal College, and Blackfriars Monastery, established in 1230 by Alexander II and destroyed during the Reformation.

It's one of the Edinburgh's most important finds. After the summer, the CEIC will open as an innovation and competence center for the University of Edinburgh.

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